You can certainly do a few times a week

Earlsfield SW18| Posted in adult datingby Daffieaatje

Location : London - Greater London - Wandsworth - Earlsfield - SW18

Type : Woman

Age : 33

Looking for : Man

Description : I am Daffie and 24 hours super horny! That`s why I don`t have a boyfriend or husband because if you want sex 24/7 no man can keep that up! So I want to kick the habit and am looking for a nice fuck buddy who also loves sex as much as I do and then just for a few times a week. That way I can kick the habit a little and the rest of the time I have to do it by myself with my toys. Do you understand what I mean? Good then you can let me know who you are ;) horny licks Daffie